How to solve blogger layout problem on mobile

Today we are share with you a simple trick to solve blogger layout problem earlier blogger update there codes which may cause everybody facing a problem on blogger layout section on using custom templates.

So if you use these blogger template like seo boost,seo rocket,Blush Blogger Template, Elegance Blogger Template, and Amazine Blogger Template etc. You will face problem on layout menu some part was missing so you cannot customize your template on Mobile and pc.

As soon on image

You can fix this problem easier if you follow my steps carefully

To solve blogger layout problem

1. Open your blog menu

2. Go to theme

3. Then go to edit html

4. Now scrolling down very slowly as soon on image

5. Keep eye on codes and find layout word as soon on image 

6. Find body layout and edit

7. Something written on bracket like (width:920px.......etc) 

8. You can change it (width:800.920px......Etc)

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I hope this trick works for you if it doesn’t work please tell me on comment section

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